Fallout 4

FallOut 4 / Nuka-World / Cappy in a Haystack / Locations of all 10 Hidden Cappys

This Video shows the locations of all the 10 hidden cappys in Fallout 4’s DLC Nuka-World. It’s a part of the side-quest “Cappy in a Haystack” given by Sierra Petrovita. Hidden Cappy Timeline:

0:03 Nuka-Town USA (1 Hidden Cappy)

0:36 Galactic Zone (2 Hidden Cappys)

1:41 Dry Rock Gulch (2 Hidden Cappys)

2:57 Safari Zone (2 Hidden Cappys)

4:08 Nuka-Cola Bottling Plant, World of Refreshment (1 Hidden Cappy)

4:58 Kiddy Kingdom, Fun House (1 Hidden Cappy)

7:16 Kiddy Kingdom, Outside King Cola’s Castle (1 Hidden Cappy)


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